Flowtide is a cape town based company that takes pride in providing high quality air conditioning products for the Western & Eastern Cape

Feizal Gany is the owner of FlowTide and the founding member of Gree South Africa which was established in 2003

Flowtide is an independent BEE company with a level 1 that specialises in supplying air conditioning products

Flowtide is also the official distributor for the Gree product range for both Western & Eastern Cape

Since 2009 we have provided clients for the Western & Eastern Cape with our products no matter how big the project, whether its residential or commercial we have them covered.

Gree Air Conditioners are the No. 1 manufacturer of HVAC equipment
A state-owned enterprise that incorporated in 1991
The largest air conditioning production and sales base in the global HVAC industry
No. 1 market share in China since 1995
1 in 3 air conditioners sold worldwide is made by Gree
8 production bases
50 000 000 sets RAC annual capacity
5, 500 000 sets CAC annual capacity
170 000 000 users


Feizal Gany – Member
Aniska Wilson – Office Manager and sales
Herman Van Zyl- Sales
Sim Kudakwashe – Technical support and technical manager
Raphius – storeman